Post #100!!!!!

Woohoo! We have reached post #100. WOW! I didn’t think we were this far!



My journaling stuff will be put over here!

I will be using this blog though! For what I don’t know yet. I’m too indecisive! tumblr_inline_o2x09fF86t1ttc8k7_540.jpg

Have a funny image to look at 😀

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Hello from the Dead!

I’m back you guys! I’m back with some…. changes.

I hope you don’t mind.

This blog will change topic, but I think you guys will like it! I’ve done the same thing with my youtube channel, it is now called Journaling Gurl. All about my passion for journaling. I also run a facebook page about Bullet Journaling.  That is actually going insane and gaining likes and follows every day, even if I don’t post something. CRAZY! Go check it out.

I do still read books, and I’ll occasionally post reviews on here, but I’m so much more passionate about Journaling. I have a ton of ideas I’ll share with you guys as we go on this adventure.

Who here likes journaling? Art journaling? Junk Journaling? Smash booking? Any and all are welcome in my little world. I’d love to hear your thoughts. bring it.gif

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An Absent Mind: review


So I did enjoy this book, although you go into it knowing the end result. It’s about a man who’s been married most of his life. It hasn’t been the happiest marriage, but it was enough for them. When he gets the diagnosis, he’s shocked and doesn’t believe it at first. Then he starts to decline.

It was interesting, seeing the family’s point of view on this disease, as well as the person’s POV during the whole thing. Even at the very end, you still get some pretty distressing messages from him.

It was an emotional little book. Nothing profound, but more of a look into a private life, struggling with the inevitable. I gave this book 3/5 stars.

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October TBR

Here are some books I will be reading this month!

I mean, I hope to be reading more than just this, seeing as I’m already reading the first two. But I will also be working two jobs until after Christmas…. so we’ll see!




(Would you guys like to see a personal life blog from me? Let me know)

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The Butterfly Garden | A Review


This book hooked me from the very beginning. Dot Hutchison is good at dropping small details that makes you interested to find out more. At first we don’t know anything about the girl Inara. Then we learn about the Butterfly Garden, where the Gardener likes to keep his kidnapped. He tattoos wings on their backs and keeps them until they are 21… Then he preserves them in resin and glass.

Just the idea of this concept is sickening. The Gardener gives them names, keeps them locked in a beautiful garden, and does what he wants with them. The creepier thing is he doesn’t do much. He just watches them.

His son Adrian is a terrorizer. His other son, Desmond, is an angel.

Inara (known as Maya in the Garden) acts like a kind of mother figure to the other girls. When Desmond comes finds the Garden, they both immediately start being interested in each other. At first Maya hates him for believing his father’s lies about the girls being “saved from the streets.” It’s only when the Gardener shows him what happens when they die, that he finally sees the truth.

This book was a great adventure for me, just to see how the characters interacted with one another. The characters feel real – you feel like you know Inara and Bliss and Lyonette. The only down point for this book was the romance part of it. It made the whole thing just a little less believable for me. Other than that though, this book is a great read and I recommend it to older teenagers and up. It may be YA, but it is definitely not a light read.

I gave this book 4.5 out of 5 stars! 

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We are going to Mars!

By that, I mean that within our lifespan (depending on your age. about 25-30 years) we will start putting people ON MARS. TO LIVE.

Elon Musk just put out their massive, detailed plan to put people on mars yesterday, outlining all the necessary parts and pieces of the transport system. The cost is phenomenal right now, and they aren’t solely focused on it yet, but damn! It’s not a dream anymore, it’s in the works. 

Watch his whole show here. 

I’m ecstatic. The most intriguing thing about his whole thing wasn’t the transportation, but the way we’re going to make the planet inhabitable.

Just one step: warm the planet up. 

Some people say it’s already happening, just like what’s happening to our planet. Apparently, the sun’s heat output is changing, so there have been similar changes on mars and earth. the polar ice caps we see are made of carbon dioxide, so as that melts, it’s released into the air (along with other gases) to create a thicker atmosphere. Then, water. Then, plants! So by the time we even get there, it’ll be ready. Possibly. It could take anywhere between 50 – 10,000 years.

What would happen if it warmed up enough? Well, ice underneath the surface would melt and seep up. It would go into the atmosphere, and create clouds. The rest you know pretty well. They are currently orbiting mars and surveying the weather daily. Crazy! I know i’m a bit late to the whole fact that we are orbiting and searching mars for signs of life. I knew about the rover Opportunity but I didn’t know we’d gone this far!

There are lots of questions I have right now. What about edible plants? building houses? Animals? economic structure? We are thinking of jumpstarting what has happened over thousands of years here, within the century. This is huge. Mega huge. I am so excited, because it’s happening within my lifespan. All I have to do is survive and save up the money to go! (about 10 billion estimate per person right now. so…. yeah…)

Sorry this isn’t the usual stuff for this blog! But this is too huge to pass up talking about! What do you guys think? Would you want to go? How would you start your new life on Mars?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! 

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Reading a daydream: Cake Face review


As said on the cover, this is a novella. I finished reading it in one day! On my phone, in kindle, one page was one percent of the book. So yeah, it was pretty darn short!

I also skipped a few paragraphs here and there. But let me tell you about the book before I get to that.

So this book caught my eye because it’s my current daydream: A girl has a youtube channel, and wakes up one morning with a random occurrence; she now has almost 9,000,000 subscribers. For no reason.

This book pretty much describes what Harlow Miller would do if this happened to her, in a prefect world. It’s a book about the internal conflict, such as being desensitized to what you love once you have to work for it a lot, or losing interest once you’ve obtained your goal all of a sudden. It’s not a very deep book, it’s pretty on-the-surface, which is why I skipped a few paragraphs here and there.

There is a romance in the plot, but that’s not the main focus of the book. It’s pretty straightforward, actually. No doubts, no struggles. He automatically supports her and is an angel. She gets the guy in the end, happily ever after.

(Spoiler alert! Stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled!)

There really is no struggle anywhere in the plot, except to turn down a huge makeup business. And just because of some mean comments. That’s the whole plot.

Phew. What a rollercoaster ride!

But jests aside, it was an entertaining read. I give this book a 3.5 stars out of 5. I wish it were longer and went more in depth with all the struggles of fame and stardom, but that’s just me, and I want that with every short book I read.

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So I finally did it.

I finally hit the “Kindle Unlimited” Button. Instantly, there are hundreds, thousands of books at my disposal for free. I am currently reading:

There will be quite a few book reviews coming soon, as well as a book unboxing! Stay tuned on my youtube channel.

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I stole books from the library. On Accident.

So last month, I checked out three books. All three look relatively new, but were all on a shelf I always pull from, and all in different sections from it. I scanned them, and the computer showed me “Unknown book” for every one. They all had QR codes with “Scan me!” next to it. They didn’t work. I scanned the old fashioned barcodes, and the error message showed up. But, it printed a ticket with a due date, so I went on with my day.

Last week was around the time I should be returning them, and subconsciously I was waiting for the email I always get, saying “Hey, you need to return them soon.” I always lose the little ticket. I never got that email! So I went to the library site and logged in….. I have no books checked out. I have no late fees or fines.



Oooops. I didn’t mean to do that….

I guess someone was in the process of changing the barcode to the QR code, and someone else just picked up those books, not knowing, and just put them on the shelves.

I will return them tomorrow morning. But oh my gosh, that’s never happened to me before? Have any of you had this experience?

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Red Bubble is hilarious.

Seriously! I made a funny little picture tonight out of boredom.

scoot scoot.jpg


Then I found, and was playing around with it. I thought, would that be funny or what? And put this up on redbubble.


It’s so hilarious! It can be a greeting card! or a phone case, or a thermos….


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