Journaling progress – discovering my niche

So I’ve been casually journaling for a long time – since sophomore year in 2008. I’ve not put a lot of thought into it at all. Just write down my thoughts for the day, and move on.

But lately I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos on not only journaling, but planners, making journals, and art journaling. All of it. There’s so many ideas out there of what to do and what you can do. So much room for my own creativity! I’m sitting here wondering What do I want to do?

I’ve realized a few things I want to try.

-blank pages

-hardcover, pretty journal

-meal tracking

-video and blog plans

I’ve seen this word omnijournal thrown around on youtube, and love the idea. I want to see more people’s take on it, but it has just started becoming popular. This video shows you pretty much what it is – an everything journal. I love how she

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One Year on WordPress!

I was surprised by a notification today, telling me I’d been on here a whole year already! It doesn’t feel like I’ve been on here with you guys that long.

I’ve grown a lot on this blog since I’ve started, but still have a lot to learn and improve on. I’ve figured out what I want to do with this blog, at least. I have many plans for the future. I hope I’m on here for many more years, and that we grow together!

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My May Bullet Journal Setup

So I have started a(nother) bullet journal for May! It’s a simple composition notebook from Office Depot, modded to be a bit more organized. I would love for you guys to come flip through it with me!


-I don’t use a habit tracker

-I only have a few collections, and they’re in the back of the book

-I don’t use a calendar format.


Make sure to subscribe!

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Thoughts on Reading a Very Long Book

So lately I’ve been reading Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. This book is 758 pages, and it’s not a mass paperback style book either. It’s a good 6in X 11.5in book. The text is small too, so you can imagine just how many words are in this edition.

I feel like reading a heavy book like this is much like running a marathon; you have to pace yourself. I’ve been slowly getting through this book, but after the 24hr readathon, I kind of burnt myself out a little bit. I read a little over 250 pages that day, and I don’t normally read that much.

Should I do that more often to get more accustomed to it? Or should I take a break from reading in general? I don’t know. All I know is I need to finish reading SOMETHING. The last book I finished was about a month ago.

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I attended my best friend’s wedding!

I spent three days in a girl filled house, helping out with plans for the wedding! I was mostly the baby spotter, because My god-daughter is only 6 months old.

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My April Bujo setup!

So I haven’t been using my bullet journal lately…. I haven’t been motivated as much. but I want to start this next month on the right foot, so I’m motivating myself by posting it all up on here.

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My Huge Life Slump (and how I got out of it)


Do you ever feel like you just don’t want to do anything? Does your family annoy you to no end? Do you find yourself wishing to be at home, wrapped in a blanket with netflix and fatty foods?

I’ve been feeling that way for a while now. I don’t want to engage with people, I just want to stay at home and do literally nothing. I’ve been depressed for no discernible reason. My blog slowed down, my youtube channel stopped completely, and I’ve not finished a book in over a month!

But now I’m kind of snapped out of it, and I’ll let you guys know how I did it!

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Liebster Award!



So, this is the first award I’ve ever been nominated for, thanks to Katie Jay’s Book Blog! ! I’ve never done this before but I hope I get it right!  Continue reading

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25 Bookish Facts About Me!

So this tag is going around on youtube, but of course I don’t feel like filming anything about books lately, so I’ll just post it here! Then you guys can know me a little bit better.


  1. I hate slip covers. You know, the paper thing they put on a hard cover book? EW.
  2. I read multiple books at once. I am currently reading…. 4? I believe 4.
  3. I don’t do audio books. I’d rather not pay that much for a book in general anyways, so audiobooks and “subscribing” to audible is just too much hassle for me.
  4. Sometimes when reading a conversation, I’ll act out the expressions while reading. If I’m alone, I’ll actually read it out loud in the expression I think they would have while talking. Why? Because I’m a weirdo.
  5. I don’t really “fangirl” over books or series. I’ll like them, even love them, but I don’t get hyped about them.
  6. I’d rather read e-books than physical copies. I contradict myself on this sometimes by buying physical copies. And Then I don’t read them, because reading on my phone is just so much easier.
  7. I prefer paper backs to hardcover, and especially mass market paperbacks. Idk why, it’s just much more appealing to me.
  8. I’m a bath reader! I read my books in the bath, it’s just a quiet place where I’m comfy.
  9. I like to be doing something while reading. Either on my computer, or cooking, I like to multitask while reading. No idea why.
  10. I’ve never attended a book convention.
  11. I don’t “collect” books.
  12. The first book I remember reading is The Hobbit. I still have never finished it.
  13. I love writing in my books!
  14. I also dog ear books. Not library books, but ones I own, I’ll dog ear.
  15. I love it when a book is written in diary form.
  16. My favorite Author is Anne Rice
  17. I spend more time watching Booktube than actually reading XD
  18. I don’t like it when a book goes into detail about army movements and battle strategies. Yawn! Just skip that part!
  19. I don’t buy full priced hard cover books. If I really want a book that just came out, I’ll buy the ebook version and wait until it comes out in paperback.
  20. I haven’t met any authors, ever.
  21. I’d rather shop at small bookstores, than at Barnes and Noble.
  22. I used to love to read on the bus. I own a car now so I don’t get to, but it was one of my favorite times of the day.
  23. i have to have relative silence when reading a book.
  24. I don’t read “hyped” books when they come out. Like Passenger? All the hype about it on booktube made me NOT want to read it.
  25. After finishing a book, I like to think a day or two before reviewing the book. I can’t gather all my thoughts in one sitting, right there. I have to let it sit for a day or two.

What are your quirky reading facts? I can’t wait to hear from you guys! 🙂

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The Benefits of Art Journaling

We already know that writing in a journal is beneficial for mental health and emotional stability. But is art journaling beneficial too? Or is it just playing with paint? Most people don’t know that there is an entire culture of people who share their art journaling with others.

So what is it exactly? Well, whatever you want it to be! All you have to do is get some scrap paper lying around the house, some paints or markers, and go to town. Get everything out of your head into the notebook. Make a mess with a reason for it. At then end of the process, you have something to show off to your friends! And the best part of it; You don’t need any artistic skills to do it!

So here are a few benefits that come from this fun-filled activity!

1.Gives you something constructive to do

Instead of browsing the internet, looking at other people’s beautiful art, you could be creating your own! Go ahead, practice those drawing skills and hone them. No page is a bad page.  You can use them later as a post card of sorts, or as decoration for your home. The pages you create can also serve as good birthday presents. Just write a loving note on the back and you’re done!

highliter girl

Highlighter Girl by me 🙂

2. Explore Your Artistic Talent! 

You don’t have to buy some expensive journal to make it mean something for you. Just buy a regular sketchbook (or two) from the art store, and then practice! Soon, you’ll be able to say you know what you’re doing. Playing with the materials you most enjoy will help you learn how to use them, as well as let you learn how to construct a visually pleasing piece. Don’t be shy! Learning from “mistakes” is the most beneficial of all.


Lips by me 🙂

3. Distracts you from the whirlwind of thoughts

Have too much to worry about, and don’t want to think about it? Step away from those troubling thoughts by playing with paint. You put all your focus into the artwork your creating, you feel good about creating something from nothing, and when you’re done, you can view your problems with a fresh point of view.

I know that when I come home from work, I’m stressed. I have bills to worry about, a dog to watch after, and i’m moving into a house for the first time ever soon. Some things I don’t need to worry about just yet. So instead, I’m focusing on my youtube channel by art journaling! It also helps me get out thoughts and emotions I can’t put into words. Since I’ve started, I feel lighter.

i'll be ok

it’s all ok, by me

4. Something to do with friends or kids! 

My friend and I were a bit bored the other night. So what we decided to do was lay down some cardboard (I have a  carpet and no table), spread out the supplies, and got creative! It gave us something to do with our hands while we talked and gossiped. It was such great fun that we are planning to do it again!

It’s also a great activity if you are watching the kids. Just lay out the supplies and let to go at it. You can even do it with them to keep an eye on them, and make sure it doesn’t get too messy. Soon you’ll have a lot of artwork to hang on the fridge.


blue girl

Blue Girl, by me

What are your thoughts on art journaling? Do you do it? Do you enjoy it?


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