Little Things You Can Do To Motivate Reading Instead of Browsing

So you are sitting here now, at your computer. You’re fliping through tabs instead of actually doing anything productive. You’ve seen everything on Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Goodreads….. You just don’t have anything to do.

Yes you do! Go look at your shelves! Go look at your TBR Jar! Or if you’re like me, look right next to your computer! You have a TBR pile swaying every time yuo move, and you’re trying to ignore it, while telling yourself you need to read.

book pile

Well, here are some little tips that might help motivate you to read.

1. Find (or make) a reading spot.

I have just moved into a new apartment, and I plan to get a chair and small table, and put them outside on my back porch. I’m going to make myself a little reading spot, or else I’ll never read.

Your reading spot should have: plenty of light, no computer or phone out in the open, a very comfortable place to sit or lie down, and your TBR motivation.

Good spots would be the bath tub, the back (Or front) porch, in your yard. The bus stop is a great choice too. If you are a regular bus rider, think of all the hours on the phone, waiting for that damn bus, that you could use to read! Kindles and Nooks are a great way to easily bring any book you want with you, to open and read at anytime. On the bus is also just as good of a choice.

The point of it is this: Choose a spot you frequently go to or want to go to. Get into the habit. Do it everyday. You’ll soon be an avid reader! You’ll demolish 20 books a month!

2. Get a reading buddy

reading buddy

Everyone reads at some point or another in the day! You read books, facebook posts, you’rereading this article right now. Find someone who is reading something and read with them. Or Vise-Versa, When you’re about to read, invite someone to read with you. It’s easy, and fun once you get the hang of it. Just think of it as being on your phone with your friend, for an hour or so, but instead of a phone, it’s a book!

If there’s nobody near you that likes reading and you are all alone, there are always resources online. People host read-a-thons, where there are thousands of people around the world read at the exact same time. Book groups on Facebook and Tumblr are great ways to really get t oknow people who will read with you!

3. Put the Time Aside for Reading!

You always have a little spare time to go on your phone or computer. Replace that with time for reading! Read right before bed. Read in the bath. Got to work early and read before starting. Read at work on your lunch break. If you really have to, get up an hour earlier than usual to read first thing in the morning. If you catch yourself browsing on the computer, STOP! Close that laptop! Turn off the phone! JUST READ!

There is always a chance to read. You just have to push yourself to get started. So you, right now, turn off the computer and read a book. You won’t regret it!


About Journaling Gurl

I'm 25, l love to read and write. I am an avid journaler, and love to share my creativity with you guys!
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