The Book Tube Bandwagon

So, I’ve only been a part of the Book Tube community for a little bit, but I’ve already noticed something. A lot of the “bigger” book-tubers (Katytastic, Little Book Owl, Jesse the reader) all have read the same books. YA, Contemporary, New Adult, their book collections are all identical. They all review the same book (Currently A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas) at the same time. They all do the same tags and tag each other. Some of them even live with each other. They are so tightly knit together. It’s a huge bandwagon for books.

I mean, that’s fine, if that’s your cup of coffee. If you’ve been waiting for ACOTAR to come out, and you’re so excited about this book coming out, then you would watch all of their reactions and reviews to it. Of course you would.

But what about the viewers that don’t read YA? What if we like MMPB fantasy series instead? (MMPB stands for Mass Market Paper Back, btw) What about Pendragon or Eragon? Not one of them owns the Inheritance Cycle or Pendragon. Those are important series. They are strong, and they’re YA as well. You don’t see a lot of people who are “big” on Youtube talking about anything other than the same ten YA books. Now I want to avoid those books because they’re everywhere. You’re desensitized because of this huge bandwagon going on.

Let’s go into another topic: being a beginner booktuber. I myself try to connect with people like me, who are just starting out. People who don’t really know how to go about things yet. And we watch the bigger booktubers to try and learn from them. But what we get is a sort of “rule set” if you will, of things we must do, things that are required.

1. Monthly wrap-up and TBR

2. Monthly Book hauls.

3.You can do the tags, but they have to be recent, and you have to have been tagged.

4. Did I mention, it has to be YA?

I discuss this all in my newest video!


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5 Responses to The Book Tube Bandwagon

  1. John Guillen says:

    LOVE THIS! I’m already not a fan of BookTubers because (in my opinion) there’s so much better content on YouTube. But I also don’t like them because they’re all talking about YA. I’ve read some John Green and The Hunger Games is my favorite series ever, but they’re talking about and reviewing books I’ll never he interested in. So I’m completely turned off by it all. I think I even tweeted a few weeks ago that I should start a channel just so there’s someone different.

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  3. Great commentary on the state of the book blogging world! 🙂 You got me thinking, so I’ve posted my own blog about your blog!

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