The Queen of the Tearling – A Review

I read this book a while ago. Like, back in September. I was trying to recall the book the other day for this review, and couldn’t come up with anything that stood out.

That’s a bad thing.

You want your readers to remember that book. Like Hunger Games or Harry Potter, you want your reader to recall that plot with ease. With The Queen of the Tearling, I couldn’t do that.

It was slow, boring, a basic plot about a girl who becomes queen and tries to figure it out. There’s just one thing though – she has this necklace that has powers. There’s a “twin” necklace as well, and it amplifies the power when she wears both. We don’t know exactly what the necklaces do yet….. They lead her to enemies, they glow bright when her emotions are strong. There’s a lady in a neighboring kingdom that wants her power, but fears her too….. Even though this queen is evil and all powerful. ALL powerful. But she fears this queen because she’s very different from her mother, the previous queen.

Yeah…. that’s pretty much the plot.

Here’s my video review on it. Here you go!


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