First day in Pennsylvania!

PA welcomes you

Landed in PA today, and my mom picked me up from the airport. I haven’t seen this many trees in a long time. It’s so nice to just look outside and see grass, even if it is dead.

As soon as I got to the house, mom gave me a tour. There’s a main set of stairs, and then a servant’s stairwell. I went down to the basement first, which has three bedrooms and a sitting area. Well, an area big enough for a sitting area. Mom hasn’t gotten down to that area yet.

Then we went up to the second floor, and then the third floor. There’s also an attic, and even a door that leads to the rooftop. I’ll take plenty of pictures of that in the next few days.

After she showed me the house, we went to a cookie swap at a neighbor’s house. I was thinking “What in the hell is a cookie swap?” But it’s exactly as it sounds….. You bake a batch of cookies, put it in baggies, and then swap with neighbors for the cookies they made. It was really odd. We went to the largest house in the neighborhood (did you know houses out here have names? wtf) and it was a bunch of white ladies who were talking about vinegar and deeds and how they freeze their foods. I felt so out of place and awkward, even though they were nice enough.

So far i’m just reveling in how houses are set up out here. Bathrooms are much bigger, definitely.  The radiators are so cool too. I love standing near them. The bedrooms are as big as a studio apartment, and the doors all have these windows above them that you can open with a latch? What is the purpose of that? Oh well. I am loving it out here!


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I'm 25, l love to read and write. I am an avid journaler, and love to share my creativity with you guys!
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