Books acquired in PA so far

So I’m so excited to be out here, visiting my family and seeing all the historic places in the area. But I’m also excited to find books I’ve never seen before. Like these below:   I found these little gems in a gift shop in Gettysburg. Of course, it’s a collection of letter from civil war soldiers to their families. I am in love with reading letters. I feel I’ve been born in the wrong centuries, because I’d love to write letters to people i love every night. So I got these to live in the shoes of these brave men for a little bit.

These I found at a popular book store, Midtown Scholar. They are Gone, Gone, Gone by Hannah Moskowitz,   Love, Amy put together by William Spiegelman, and a journal. The blue thing is a book plate I found there. I guess people put them on their books a long time ago to decorate them and establish their status.

Today we are going to the Capitol, and then shopping! If you guys want to see pictures of the Amish market up here, let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading!


About Journaling Gurl

I'm 25, l love to read and write. I am an avid journaler, and love to share my creativity with you guys!
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