Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh – A Review


So for the winter Cramathon, I decided to read this book, as well as the sequel. Well, I never got to the sequel. But I did finish this book, so yay me!

First we meet Spademan, the main character. We are reading this book as kind of a journal by him. It’s fast paced from the very beginning. Short sentences that are to the point and describe what’s going on adequately. The setting is in post-nuke New York, where the cities are abandoned by everyone but the poor and the stubborn. Crime is rampant, and the rich are sleeping in beds.

Why are they sleeping in beds? Because someone has invented an alternate reality that people can tap into from these fancy beds. Just lay down, hook up an IV drip, and live any dream you want to.

So Spademan is a hitman that you can call to have him kill someone for you. No questions asked. Just pay him and he does it. Until one day a man named Harrow calls him. You hate Harrow from the very beginning, and learn that he’s a mega-evangelist that’s advertising “heaven” in the alternate reality. His pregnant daughter has run away and he hires Spademan to kill her.

I love this story because you see spademan, a man who doesn’t care about the backstory, is just a bullet, you see him care about this girl and change his ways. Sort of. You can’t help but feel for him as he gives you little pieces of of his backstory. His old life.

It is a well written book, and the characters are great, but the book didn’t WOW me. The plot was eh. So I give this book 4 stars. I am definitely reading the sequel, “Near Enemy”, very soon.

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