The Coffee Book Tag!


For the new year, I have told myself that I need to drink coffee instead of energy drinks. I’ve been doing good so far, only about four energy drinks in 13 days. (I usually have one a day.)

In celebration, I’m doing the Coffee Book Tag!

  1. Black Coffee: A series that’s tough to get through but has hardcore fans. For this one I have to same The Name of The Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss. Although the books are quite chunky, it’s a really interesting story about Kvothe, a boy learning how to posses the magic of words. His main goal is to be able to control the wind, by learning the name of it. This book is character driven, but also has a fantastic world that feels realistic. 
  2. Peppermint Mocha: Name a book that’s popular during the holidays.  I know this is unoriginal, but this is always the book that pops up first in my head. Our favorite little wizard, Harry Potter. 
  3. Hot chocolate: Name a favorite Children’s book. For this one I’ll have to go with A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline Lengle. This book was the first time I ever got excited about reading, and got pulled into the story. I was only 12 at the time, but I always remember wanting to keep reading the book. I just recently bought a copy from my favorite used book store, and I aim to own the other books in the series as well. (Yes, it’s a series! 5 books so far.)
  4. Double shot of Espresso: Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat. Definitely Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I read it before I knew there was a movie coming out, and I kept the book glued to me until I finished. Only took me two days. 
  5. Starbucks: A book series you see everywhere. This is a tough one because there’s a lot of books that get major hype, and it changes every month. (I’ll be doing a video discussing hype pretty soon) I have to go with Passenger. It just came out, and it’s a cool concept, don’t get me wrong. But the reason it’s hyped, and not Truthwitch (which came out the same exact day) is because Disney Hyperion sponsored four famous youtubers to talk about the book nonstop when it came out. Everyone who is an avid reader watches JesseReads, Katytastic, PolandBananaBooks, and PeruseProject. Those four have nonstop promoted the book. I don’t blame them, they’re getting paid to do so. But now Truthwitch isn’t getting any attention because Passenger is so huge. I don’t think it’s fair, really. 
  6. Hipster Coffee Shop: Shoutout to an Indie Author. This is where I shine right now. At my used bookstore, Kim was nice enough to lend me a book from an author here in Vegas! It’s a series – Bonds of Blood and Spirit: Loyalties (Book 1). It’s about werewolves, and I’m all about that! I’m currently 100 pages into it, but man it’s so packed with intense emotions that I want to read all 700 pages right now. The authors are Wendi Kelly, and Deborah Dorchak, and I say Kudos to them for publishing a books series together! 
  7. Oops, accidentally got Decaf!: A book you expected more from. Definitely Perfect Witness. It had so much potential and a good idea but ruined itself by making the main characters bicker about trust the entire time. Honestly though, I’m tired of ranting about this books. 
  8. The Perfect Blend: Name a book/series that was bittersweet but satisfying. Divergent, definitely. I would say why, but it would spoil it. For those of you that have read it, you understand. I do love the series because of the development of the main character, however, so it wasn’t completely ruined for me. 


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3 Responses to The Coffee Book Tag!

  1. This is such a cool tag, I must do this one!


  2. Ah, coffee and books combined into one! How excellent! I might try to do this one myself.


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