Monthly Recommendations | Fantasy

This post is brought to you by this goodreads group, which is led by the awesome booktuber, Between Chapters. What I’ll be doing is showing you MY recommendations for Fantasy books that I think you all should read!

The Queen’s Blade by T.C. Southwell

This book is the first in a fast paced series. It involves two kingdoms in an ongoing war, and Blade, a wandering assassin. He is employed by Queen Minna-Satu, who aims to end the war between both kingdoms.

I love this book because of the concept alone, but also because Blade is such a badass. It’s got 4 stars on goodreads, so you know it’s enjoyable 🙂

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

I’ve already talked about this book in my Coffee Book Tag, but since I’m still eagerly awaiting the third installment of this series, I’ll talk about it some more! Kvothe is just a teenager when he goes to the established university to learn how to become a wizard. To do so, he needs to learn the power of words. In doing so, he can control whatever it is. All he wants to do is learn how to control the wind.

I request this book because the world is immersive, and Kvothe is such an interesting character! You see him fall in love, hate an enemy, and wonder about life out there in the world.

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

This is a story about Meggie, who learns that her father Mo can “read” characters out of books. She is thrust into a quest to stop Capricorn, who aims to destroy Inkheart, the book he came out of.

I read this back in high school (So about 7 years ago) but I fell in love with the characters. There are two more books after this one, and I never read them, but I will do so eventually.



What are some of your favorite Fantasy books?




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