Incorporating the BuJO into everyday life

So, there are thousands of videos how there on how to plan in your bullet journal, what to plan for, and what to keep track of. how to layout your month, track your food, water, exercise, and social media.  Meal Planning, outfit planning, workout planning, trip planning. Planplanplanplanplan! That’s cool and all. But how do you fit that little magic book into your every day life? How do you make it more of a friend, and less of a business secretary?

Chances are you keep the bullet journal at home, in your work space. That spot you come to between appointments, jobs, family, whatever. When you leave that spot, and go about your day, you are having ideas and thoughts you cannot catch from away from home! Sure you could tap it into your phone, but then you forget, because your phone is just a device for distraction. For me, my most important thoughts are when I’m driving to work in the morning. I contemplate etiquette and social values as if I’m a college professor. So when I get to work and have time before my shift, I write down the points that came up during the drive.

Or what if you’re at home, scrolling through articles, and you have inspiration from those people? You see a brand new TED Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on how to pull ideas from thin air, and it inspires you for a million different projects. You need to write them down! But, Jen, there isn’t enough room in mine, I’m tracking everything in my life and left no room for inspiration space! There’s no good spot in my complex secretary for a single creative idea! What do I do?

What I did in my new Bujo was I spared 15 pages in the back of the book for notes. Another 2 for quotes. That space will be for whatever I want to put in there! If I have a complex idea for a project, I’ll plan it out in the notes section. I was inspired to do this by this guy, who write down pretty much everything he reads, and then learns from it to better his lifestyle. He has a section for ideas, a section for book notes, a section for internet notes too! It just inspired me to use my journal more to catch my thoughts, and less to plan my thoughts.

You can plan and plan all you want, but things will come up that you won’t anticipate. All you have to do is catch it and learn from it. Next time you think of a good costume idea from your corgi, write it down! Wake up in the middle of the night with a cool idea for a musical? Write it down! Reading a book and just raging over how misogynistic the author is? Write it down! Only YOU are the best source of ideas that mean the most to you!


About Journaling Gurl

I'm 25, l love to read and write. I am an avid journaler, and love to share my creativity with you guys!
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