Mistwalker by Saundra Mitchell – A review


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This is one of my Blind Date with a Book finds, and I’m glad I read it! I’ve always been curious about the ocean and the lives of people who live near it.

This story follows Willa and The Gray Man. The island called Jackson’s Rock is cursed – whoever thinks about it gets distracted and a splitting headache. Willa is drawn to the island by the curse. The Gray man draws her to him, to pass the curse onto her, and escape.

Saundra Mitchell does well with this book, balancing Willa’s friendships, family life, along with the murder she was the only witness to, and the lesson of moving on in life. The scenery you can see vividly in your head – the fog hugging you, the water throwing you, the lighthouse guiding you. You are emotionally tied with Willa and The Gray Man. You want both of them to get their own end, even if that destroys the fate of the other. There’s also magic. You are reminded of myths and legends, magic and history. It really all ties well together in this emotional journey.

I gave this book a four out of five. If I had read this book back in high school, it would have had a very important lesson for me.


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