Has anyone else stumbled upon Sarah Gerard’s Binary Star?


So I’m currently reading this book and… I’m not sure if I want to continue or not. It is packed with pretty little quotes and things that could explain how a star works, and also explain how her relationship is going… if you can pick up on it.

Then there are bits of actually coherent plot, where things are happening and you are interested in this odd relationship between an alcoholic and an anorexic. The main character is fighting with her questions of whether he loves her or not, and also obsesses over her own image. You can see she is sick; from always being cold, to bruising easily, to bleeding, cracking skin. While pretty at some points, this book will still make you uncomfortable enough to close it and listen to your heart race. This book is a huge trigger warning if you have high anxiety or a history with anorexia or alcoholism.

I want the main character to get better and eat just to see if her boyfriend will notice, and I want the boyfriend to actually take charge and get her better. So I might keep reading this book. I want to see how it ends. But, the poetry-like writing and the metaphors kind of don’t make sense, and aren’t really beneficial to the plot. You can only describe a relationship so much without losing meaning.

Has anyone else read this book? It only came out last year.

Here are some quotes from the book because I cannot accurately describe the beauty of the words:

“Beauty can be tricked into being where it is not. It is naught. It is not the past. Because the longer I live in time, the less I believe in the past.”

“I feel like I’ve opened my skull and scraped it clean and filled it with dust.
I think that, if I can find the center of the noise, I might be able to make peace with it. That maybe, if it’s the only thing I hear, I won’t even hear it. “

“I don’t matter. I am matter. I matter. I am in the mirror.”


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One Response to Has anyone else stumbled upon Sarah Gerard’s Binary Star?

  1. David N. says:

    I read and reviewed this last year and thought it was stunning. One of my favorites of 2015.


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