My Huge Life Slump (and how I got out of it)


Do you ever feel like you just don’t want to do anything? Does your family annoy you to no end? Do you find yourself wishing to be at home, wrapped in a blanket with netflix and fatty foods?

I’ve been feeling that way for a while now. I don’t want to engage with people, I just want to stay at home and do literally nothing. I’ve been depressed for no discernible reason. My blog slowed down, my youtube channel stopped completely, and I’ve not finished a book in over a month!

But now I’m kind of snapped out of it, and I’ll let you guys know how I did it!

The most important thing is self care! 

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Once I started realizing I wasn’t going to be motivated anytime soon, I turned my attention to myself. I started drinking more water instead of soda. Coffee instead of energy drinks. It really does take the edge off when you switch.

Open the windows.  A little bit of light does a lot of good, even if you don’t feel like going outside just yet. Sunshine is a natural way of letting your body know it’s time to wake up. It’ll help you get out of that lethargic state, at least for a little bit. 

Eat healthier. I decided to eat more raw vegetables, and more store bought meat, instead of sharing my boyfriend’s take out. Steamed vegetables are super easy, and super healthy! Just substitute the fats for the vitamins, and your body will start a cleanse, which will help clear your mind and body. You will sleep better, wake up easier, and feel a bit more clear headed each day! I know I have. 

Be social. I don’t mean this by going out and hanging out with friends. It’s as simple as a “Hey, what’s up?” Talking to someone about something that isn’t bothering you will help take your mind off the stress, and help you smile more. Being alone is the worst way to spend your time, especially if you want alone time. Internet social interactions do a lot more good than you’d think. 

Sleep more. If you don’t have any obligations (yes, walking the dog IS an obligation!) just sleep 30 minutes more than you usually do. Sleeping any more than that would worsen your mood, not boost it. But a small power nap in the middle of the day does help you feel a bit more relaxed and focused on the obligations of every day life. Don’t be afraid to take two or three power naps during the day. I know I do! 

Take a shower instead of a bath. I know this is a strange one, but it helped me a lot! I usually take a bath and read a book at night before bed. But, the one main thing was that I didn’t really do what I needed to do while in the bath. I just soaked and got out. Taking a shower, you’re more aware of what you need to do, and it’s quicker. Also, the back massage feels nice. 



I hope I helped you guys out a little with this blog post. If you have any ideas of your own, please share them!


About Journaling Gurl

I'm 25, l love to read and write. I am an avid journaler, and love to share my creativity with you guys!
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2 Responses to My Huge Life Slump (and how I got out of it)

  1. Derek@50 says:

    I am *not* giving up my bath … but sleeping longer sounds like a great idea!


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