I attended my best friend’s wedding!

I spent three days in a girl filled house, helping out with plans for the wedding! I was mostly the baby spotter, because My god-daughter is only 6 months old.

12961317_1303422459673948_4647159485331416109_o 12473947_1303422589673935_277824139276229899_o

How could you deny that face?

The first day was easy. Just hanging out and helping out. We picked up the groom from the airport. The second day…. was horrible. We spent close to four hours running to different stores. Rose, the two year old, cried the entire evening and even though I was “patient as a saint”, I was so done by the end of the night. Abi and Nick (the groom) were bickering the entire day, and everyone was stressed out. I was trying to just stay out of the way. Shopping was fun though.


Bride on the left, me on the right 🙂

The third day was the wedding day! We made sure to chill as much as possible, while the hair dresser and makeup person came over to get Abi and Sam ready. Then we realized how late it had gotten and was in a mad rush! We made it there in time, though.


So during the wedding, I was sitting off frame to the left, by the photographer. Right before they put the rings on each other, The photographer leans on the wall behind me for a second….. and knocks a sconce (hanging RIGHT ABOVE ME) off the wall! I feel the metal frame hit my back, and freeze instantly as I hear glass shattering behind me. Luckily, I didn’t get hurt at all! But wow that was a close one!


They were sitting on a bench outside the chapel while we loaded the kids back into the van.


This bouquet was done at a smiths and was only $30! I loved it.


Her dress was truly beautiful!

I’m so happy for them! I’ve only met Nick twice, but he seems like a great guy. Abi has told me all about him, and how great of a dad he is. I am excited also because they are moving out to vegas at the end of may, which means I get to see a lot more of the baby soon! I might get to babysit for them, which means a second job as well. 😀


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