My Thoughts on the His Dark Materials series


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I am almost done with this series and I am loving it! You can see my reviews on the first two books, The Golden Compass (That’s the american title?), and The Subtle Knife.

I am doing a review of the series in whole, instead of the last book, to kind of wrap it up nicely. It’s been a journey, and a good one. I’ve gasped, I’ve laughed, and I’m sure I’ll be crying at the end of it.

People will tell you that this is a christian related story. And it is. It retells one of the key stories in the bible. Some would even go as far as to say it’s anti-God, which is true in the plot. But, Phillip Pullman doesn’t put that first. This isn’t an essay about how you should be against god; it’s just a fantasy book.  I didn’t even realize it until the end of the second book. By then, you’re so invested in the characters that you don’t care.

The way Pullman writes is so great. It may be a middle grade fantasy series, but he doesn’t talk down to you in his writing. He tells the story like a fantasy for adults. It’s easy to understand without being condescending, like John Green’s books sometimes do. The Katherine’s book he wrote just pissed me off, honestly.

Overall the plot is good too. You jump perspectives constantly, but it’s not confusing at all because Pullman describes each characters motives in detail, and keeps them constant. The characters are memorable and lovable. With George R. R. Martin, it’s pretty confusing with all the different perspectives and characters. How do you know who’s who? Pullman doesn’t do that at all. You end up loving everyone.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars



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One Response to My Thoughts on the His Dark Materials series

  1. I ADORE this series! It’s a classic. Glad you’re enjoying them! X


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