Thoughts on Reading a Very Long Book

So lately I’ve been reading Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. This book is 758 pages, and it’s not a mass paperback style book either. It’s a good 6in X 11.5in book. The text is small too, so you can imagine just how many words are in this edition.

I feel like reading a heavy book like this is much like running a marathon; you have to pace yourself. I’ve been slowly getting through this book, but after the 24hr readathon, I kind of burnt myself out a little bit. I read a little over 250 pages that day, and I don’t normally read that much.

Should I do that more often to get more accustomed to it? Or should I take a break from reading in general? I don’t know. All I know is I need to finish reading SOMETHING. The last book I finished was about a month ago.


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3 Responses to Thoughts on Reading a Very Long Book

  1. Betty says:

    Dragonfly in Amber is definitely a BIG book. I am admittedly very biased in my opinion because I love the Outlander series, but I would still say to you that this book is worth reading.

    With books of this size, my approach is to slowly savor them.I know I’m not going to finish them quickly, so I read however much I feel like reading for the day, and try not to rush. It makes the story more enjoyable for me.

    Forcing yourself to read x-number of pages per day is a guaranteed way to kill your interest in a book, in my opinion. So many things are rushed these days that often there is a subconscious drive to do everything as quickly as you can… but reading should never be rushed. And if you don’t feel like reading on a particular day… don’t. You’ll probably enjoy what you’re reading more if you want until the next day.

    Sorry for the long comment… I tend to be wordy most of the time. LOL

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    • pikachusac says:

      It’s alrighty, I like words lol! I did find out that there’s an audiobook on youtube, so listening to that while doing chores actually helps me out a lot! Will def do this more often in the future!

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      • Betty says:

        The audiobooks are VERY helpful when it comes to all the Gaelic words/phrases. It always drove me nuts not knowing how to pronounce them. Glad you found a solution that works for you!


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