Journaling progress – discovering my niche

So I’ve been casually journaling for a long time – since sophomore year in 2008. I’ve not put a lot of thought into it at all. Just write down my thoughts for the day, and move on.

But lately I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos on not only journaling, but planners, making journals, and art journaling. All of it. There’s so many ideas out there of what to do and what you can do. So much room for my own creativity! I’m sitting here wondering What do I want to do?

I’ve realized a few things I want to try.

-blank pages

-hardcover, pretty journal

-meal tracking

-video and blog plans

I’ve seen this word omnijournal thrown around on youtube, and love the idea. I want to see more people’s take on it, but it has just started becoming popular. This video shows you pretty much what it is – an everything journal. I love how she


About Journaling Gurl

I'm 25, l love to read and write.
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