We are going to Mars!

By that, I mean that within our lifespan (depending on your age. about 25-30 years) we will start putting people ON MARS. TO LIVE.

Elon Musk just put out their massive, detailed plan to put people on mars yesterday, outlining all the necessary parts and pieces of the transport system. The cost is phenomenal right now, and they aren’t solely focused on it yet, but damn! It’s not a dream anymore, it’s in the works. 

Watch his whole show here. 

I’m ecstatic. The most intriguing thing about his whole thing wasn’t the transportation, but the way we’re going to make the planet inhabitable.

Just one step: warm the planet up. 

Some people say it’s already happening, just like what’s happening to our planet. Apparently, the sun’s heat output is changing, so there have been similar changes on mars and earth. the polar ice caps we see are made of carbon dioxide, so as that melts, it’s released into the air (along with other gases) to create a thicker atmosphere. Then, water. Then, plants! So by the time we even get there, it’ll be ready. Possibly. It could take anywhere between 50 – 10,000 years.

What would happen if it warmed up enough? Well, ice underneath the surface would melt and seep up. It would go into the atmosphere, and create clouds. The rest you know pretty well. They are currently orbiting mars and surveying the weather daily. Crazy! I know i’m a bit late to the whole fact that we are orbiting and searching mars for signs of life. I knew about the rover Opportunity but I didn’t know we’d gone this far!

There are lots of questions I have right now. What about edible plants? building houses? Animals? economic structure? We are thinking of jumpstarting what has happened over thousands of years here, within the century. This is huge. Mega huge. I am so excited, because it’s happening within my lifespan. All I have to do is survive and save up the money to go! (about 10 billion estimate per person right now. so…. yeah…)

Sorry this isn’t the usual stuff for this blog! But this is too huge to pass up talking about! What do you guys think? Would you want to go? How would you start your new life on Mars?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! 


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I'm 25, l love to read and write. I am an avid journaler, and love to share my creativity with you guys!
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