Reading a daydream: Cake Face review


As said on the cover, this is a novella. I finished reading it in one day! On my phone, in kindle, one page was one percent of the book. So yeah, it was pretty darn short!

I also skipped a few paragraphs here and there. But let me tell you about the book before I get to that.

So this book caught my eye because it’s my current daydream: A girl has a youtube channel, and wakes up one morning with a random occurrence; she now has almost 9,000,000 subscribers. For no reason.

This book pretty much describes what Harlow Miller would do if this happened to her, in a prefect world. It’s a book about the internal conflict, such as being desensitized to what you love once you have to work for it a lot, or losing interest once you’ve obtained your goal all of a sudden. It’s not a very deep book, it’s pretty on-the-surface, which is why I skipped a few paragraphs here and there.

There is a romance in the plot, but that’s not the main focus of the book. It’s pretty straightforward, actually. No doubts, no struggles. He automatically supports her and is an angel. She gets the guy in the end, happily ever after.

(Spoiler alert! Stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled!)

There really is no struggle anywhere in the plot, except to turn down a huge makeup business. And just because of some mean comments. That’s the whole plot.

Phew. What a rollercoaster ride!

But jests aside, it was an entertaining read. I give this book a 3.5 stars out of 5. I wish it were longer and went more in depth with all the struggles of fame and stardom, but that’s just me, and I want that with every short book I read.

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So I finally did it.

I finally hit the “Kindle Unlimited” Button. Instantly, there are hundreds, thousands of books at my disposal for free. I am currently reading:

There will be quite a few book reviews coming soon, as well as a book unboxing! Stay tuned on my youtube channel.

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I stole books from the library. On Accident.

So last month, I checked out three books. All three look relatively new, but were all on a shelf I always pull from, and all in different sections from it. I scanned them, and the computer showed me “Unknown book” for every one. They all had QR codes with “Scan me!” next to it. They didn’t work. I scanned the old fashioned barcodes, and the error message showed up. But, it printed a ticket with a due date, so I went on with my day.

Last week was around the time I should be returning them, and subconsciously I was waiting for the email I always get, saying “Hey, you need to return them soon.” I always lose the little ticket. I never got that email! So I went to the library site and logged in….. I have no books checked out. I have no late fees or fines.



Oooops. I didn’t mean to do that….

I guess someone was in the process of changing the barcode to the QR code, and someone else just picked up those books, not knowing, and just put them on the shelves.

I will return them tomorrow morning. But oh my gosh, that’s never happened to me before? Have any of you had this experience?

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Red Bubble is hilarious.

Seriously! I made a funny little picture tonight out of boredom.

scoot scoot.jpg


Then I found, and was playing around with it. I thought, would that be funny or what? And put this up on redbubble.


It’s so hilarious! It can be a greeting card! or a phone case, or a thermos….


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On Life and Art

So I have taken a new step forward in my life: I am starting an at home business! All I do is paint abstract paintings, and then sell them on my Etsy store.

This is a scary thing for me. I’ve never done this before, so I’m going slowly, and researching as I go. I just started it yesterday, so nothing has happened yet. But, I am preparing.

I read somewhere in an article that it’ll take a couple of months before I get my first sale. Which is fine by me! I can slowly buy materials I need for shipping and handling. Stamps, envelopes, washi tape, thank you cards. Heck, I might even get business cards soon. That would be nice. I’m also looking for a second job, so I’m not betting on this whole thing to work. I just really hope it does!

I woke up at 6 this morning to figure out how my printer likes to scan and print my stuff. Now I know the quality of my stuff. I might end up going to FedEx….. They have much better quality paper and ink than I do!

But yes, I’m excited! I hope you guys check it out, maybe let me know how I’m doing?

Check it out here!

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Harry Potter The Cursed Child – Initial Thoughts

So I just downloaded this book on kindle a couple of days ago, extremely excited. I wanted to let you know my initial thoughts for this book!

At first I was thinking “Oh I wish it was just a novel and not a playwright” But then I started reading it, and completely 180 with my opinion. The writer, Jack Thorne, has a sense of humor that fits very well with the Harry Potter feeling. I instantly fell in love with his “voice”.

The plot itself feels a bit restricted. I mean of course, this is a play, so they can’t have as much going on as the original books could have. I understand that, but I also feel it could be a bit more in depth. It does glance over certain things, and I’m left wondering “Well, how did they do that? How did they know the password?”

I’m getting towards the end, and surprises are coming up, and the pace is very nice. I’m actually on the edge of my seat right now, wondering what’s going to happen. Itching to go back and finish it. I want to  hold myself back though.

The characters all feel real and wholesome, the emotions are all there, and I definitely recommend it! Let me know what you think of this book in the comments below 🙂

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Journaling progress – discovering my niche

So I’ve been casually journaling for a long time – since sophomore year in 2008. I’ve not put a lot of thought into it at all. Just write down my thoughts for the day, and move on.

But lately I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos on not only journaling, but planners, making journals, and art journaling. All of it. There’s so many ideas out there of what to do and what you can do. So much room for my own creativity! I’m sitting here wondering What do I want to do?

I’ve realized a few things I want to try.

-blank pages

-hardcover, pretty journal

-meal tracking

-video and blog plans

I’ve seen this word omnijournal thrown around on youtube, and love the idea. I want to see more people’s take on it, but it has just started becoming popular. This video shows you pretty much what it is – an everything journal. I love how she

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Hiatus is over!

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long people. I have been busy with two jobs and moving. >.<;;

I haven’t read much lately, but felt the need to start journaling more. I will be posting a journal flipthrough very soon, if you guys are interested!

Follow me on instagram to see photos of it.

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Of Metal and Wishes; A review


There are whispers of a ghost in the slaughterhouse where sixteen-year-old Wen assists her father in his medical clinic—a ghost who grants wishes to those who need them most. When one of the Noor, men hired as cheap factory labor, humiliates Wen, she makes an impulsive wish of her own, and the Ghost grants it. Brutally.

Guilt-ridden, Wen befriends the Noor, including their outspoken leader, a young man named Melik. At the same time, she is lured by the mystery of the Ghost and learns he has been watching her… for a very long time.




Continue reading

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One Year on WordPress!

I was surprised by a notification today, telling me I’d been on here a whole year already! It doesn’t feel like I’ve been on here with you guys that long.

I’ve grown a lot on this blog since I’ve started, but still have a lot to learn and improve on. I’ve figured out what I want to do with this blog, at least. I have many plans for the future. I hope I’m on here for many more years, and that we grow together!

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